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22 Aug, 2018

Kim made his entertainment debut with the boyband T-Max in 2007 as a rapper and a songwriter for the group In 2009 Kim became popular after playing the role of F4 member "Song Woo-bin" in the hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers Together with his band their song entitled "Paradise" was featured in the first edition of the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack Other songs of T-Max that were featured in the subsequent editions of the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack were "Say Yes," "Wish You're My Love" "Fight The Bad Feeling," and "Bang. * Includes tickets sold in 2004  Source: Korean Film Council (KOFIC) Seoul population: million Nationwide population: 48.4 million Market share:   Korean 53.5% Imports 46.5% (nationwide) Films released:   Korean 65 Imported 175 Total admissions:   119.5 million (=$601 million) Number of screens:   1,132 (end of 2003) Exchange rate (2003):   1194 won/US dollar Average ticket price:   6,002 won (=US$ ) Exports to other countries:   US$30,979,000 (Japan: 45%) Average budget:   won including p&a spend Kim enlisted for his mandatory military service on 29 September 2011 for four weeks of basic training followed by duty as a conscripted policeman.[2] He was discharged on. In June 2018 it was reported Kim has been married for three years to a non-celebrity and was a father of a child.[3] Kim had got married in 2015 to his then girlfriend whom he has been dating for nine years even before he debuted in the entertainment industry.[4]

Kim (born Kim g- on February 3 1984 in Gwacheon Gyeonggi Province South Korea) is a South Korean rapper and actor who rose to stardom with his portrayal of one of the famous F4 members in the 2009 hit drama Boys Over Flowers As a solo artist Kim also had a single in the soundtrack titled "To Empty Out," which featured Kim Jo-han He also released another song he had written himself "Jun Be O.K " and Kim -g made a cameo appearance in the music video of. 2003 From left:   "Untold Scandal",  "Memories of Murder",  "A Tale of Two Sisters",  "Save the Green Planet" From April 2009 to December 2010 Kim was a cast member of Invincible Baseball Team a variety-reality show that aired during Saturday Challenges; he was chosen as MVP for several weeks In June 2009 he took part in another reality show Mnet Scandal where a celebrity dates a non-celebrity for a week In July 2009 he made his stage debut in the musical Youthful March (젊음의 행진) along with his T-Max co-member Park Yun-hwa Kim tested positive for H1N1 in November 2009 and had to cancel a fan meeting event in the Philippines. In March 2010 Kim starred in mobile drama alongside Nao Minamisawa titled Pygmalion's Love,[1] a Korea-Japanese co-production that aired on Japanese mobile TV station BeeTV In May 2010 T-Max returned to performing with "Don't Be Rude" the first single for their studio album Born to the Max (new members Park Han-bi and Joo Chan-yang replaced Park Yun-hwa after the latter's departure for mandatory military service) The second single was "Words That I Can Say" and Kim appeared alongside actors Oh Ji-ho and Yoon So-yi in the.

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